Admin Accolades

Suzanne Jennings, Associate Vice-President of Technical and General Education

Suzanne JenningsOur experienced and dedicated faculty is the cornerstone of our college’s commitment to academic excellence.  Faculty members must consistently strive to evaluate teaching strategies as a means to discover new approaches for engaging students.  Good instructors are creative, venturesome, and not afraid to try something new that could possibly fail.  Teaching at FDTC is not lecturing; it is an ongoing challenge to find ways to engage students with diverse backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses.

The world around us is forever changing and there are many variables over which we have little or no control which sometimes leads to feelings of frustration.  Our students today demand a learning environment that is interactive AND entertaining.  As a result, instructors are challenged to have many different types of teaching strategies and tools in their repertoire.  This certainly is no easy task.

It is for these reasons that I continue to be excited about the Palmetto Teaching and Learning Institute (PTLI).    I have watched it evolve over the past several years and have participated in many of the workshop sessions.  It provides an informal opportunity for our faculty and staff to share their talents and learn from each other and also promotes collegiality across the college.

Most educators find motivation for teaching in knowing they have made a lasting impact on the lives of their students.  Often times, it will be several semesters or even years later when instructors receive a phone call or unexpected visit from a former student telling them how their lives have been positively influenced by the learning environment provided in the classroom.  These instances are among some of the highlights of our teaching careers and they frequently refuel our passion for teaching and learning.

 As educators, it is critical for us to ask ourselves, “Why am I here?” and take time to reflect on our professional goals.    Sometimes we need gentle reminders about why we chose the teaching profession and PTLI is a great forum for doing just that.  Embrace the challenge!