The Palmetto Teaching and Learning Institute began May 2006. The committee met monthly for the first two semesters to research, discuss, and create the Palmetto Teaching and Learning Institute initiative.

With their ratified mission and creation of modules to "inspire and enable faculty to develop teaching potential and enhance classroom effectiveness" PTLI began its services with guest speaker Dr. Robb Sherfield, in January 2007.

After a four-year hiatus beginning in the Summer semester, 2014, PTLI was reinstituted in the Fall semester, 2018. Offerings by PTLI include a variety of workshops, Reading after Hours, Popcorn and a Movie, and G.I.F.T.S.- Great Ideas for Teaching Students. Further, they provide "Technology Tips" to introduce methodologies found to be effective by FDTC instructors.

The Palmetto Teaching and Learning Institute website, www.ptli.org, serves as a portal for services and a valuable resource in ennobling PTLI members.