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Photo of Bob Indrihovic
Bob Indrihovic

Datatel has many names.  Recently, the company combined with Sungard – newer customers are more likely to call Datatel by the name Ellucian.  These are the umbrella names for a host of products.  The products that FDTC use mostly are Colleague, WebAdvisor, and Crystal Reports/InfoView.  The PTLI’s focus was on the parts of Colleague that faculty need and use most -- examples: degree audit, roster, and advisement screens.  Each attendee received a list of the mnemonics with a description of each that are needed for faculty to be effective advisors and instructors; also, attendees learned how to save these mnemonics in a list of favorites, where they can rename the mnemonic and provide a description of what it does or how to use it.

Attendees received examples where garbage into Datatel produces garbage out of Datatel; this, of course, leads to some students being ill-advised.  It is often good practice to go to other screens to double/triple check data on students; doing so, can be a lengthy ordeal.  Many in attendees offered ways to potentially fix these problems and speed up the advisement process per student.

The newest version of Datatel allows instructors to save folders of information sheets for each of their students.  What most liked best about this feature is that the information sheets contain a picture of each student.  With this feature, instructors can pretend to remember student names!

Faculty/staff who did not attend the PTLI can get a copy of the handout of mnemonics by going to the PCSCRTCH drive then looking in the folder “Indrihovic” for the file “datatel commands.pdf” or by contacting Bob Indrihovic.