Welcome to PTLI!

Welcome to The Palmetto Teaching and Learning Institute - better known as PTLI!

Begun in 2006, PTLI is Florence-Darlington Technical College's faculty-driven professional development organization. Despite a four-year hiatus, as of June, 2019, PTLI has provided career enrichment to more than 2,600 attendees of more than 200 events since its first workshop in January, 2007.

Campus-wide, the instructors and staff cooperate in volunteering to make presentations as well as in responding to requests for seminars on particular subjects. PTLI provides an informal opportunity for employees to share their talents and learn from each other. It promotes collegiality across the college by allowing interaction between professionals whose day-to-day responsibilities might prevent them from getting to know people working in other disciplines or on other campuses.

It is a healthy practice for professionals in every field to ask themselves, "Why am I here?" and to take time to reflect on their professional goals. PTLI workshops are opportunities for FDTC faculty and staff to engage in that self-reflection, to benefit from one another's experience and talents, and to build connections and friendships. All are welcome to attend and join in the conversation.

Recognizing Excellence

Bob Indrihovic- Faculty Member of the Year Faculty Member of the Year
Bob Indrihovic

Angela Hayek - Employee of the Year Employee of the Year
Angela Hayek

Arthur Williamson - Administrator of the Year Administrator of the Year
Arthur Williamson